I am involved with several undergraduate and graduate courses:

Freshwater: Past, Present, and Future (Zoology 400). This special topics course will be offered as a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) in fall of 2023, and will be offered as a regular course in fall of 2024.

Limnology Seminar (Zoology 955). This seminar rotates among Center for Limnology faculty. The fall 2021 topic led by Vander Zanden was ‘Classic Readings in Freshwater Sciences’).

Limnology and Marine Sciences Seminar (Zoology 911). This is the Center for Limnology weekly Wednesday lunch seminar and is offered each semester by the Center for Limnology faculty.

Ecology of Fishes and Lab (Zoology 510 and 511). I have taught these in the past; they are currently offered each spring by John Lyons and Olaf Jensen.

Problems in Oceanography (Zoology 750). I occasionally participate in ‘the Sapelo course‘ – a graduate field course on coastal salt march ecology in Sapelo Island, Georgia. This being offered in fall of 2023.


Members of the Vander Zanden Lab are involved in a range of outreach activities. Some information can be found on the Vander Zanden Lab aquatic invasive species (AIS) page, which includes general information about aquatic invasive species, research in the Vander Zanden Lab, our online mapping tool for lake suitability, and smart prevention workshop materials.

Please follow the Center for Limnology blog. In addition, we frequently talk to the media and give public presentations about aquatic invasive species and other issues relating to lakes and streams. Contact Jake Vander Zanden at mjvanderzand@wisc.edu for more information.